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Patient Reviews 

Chiropractor in Bristol, VA

Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ The Morenings Chiropractic Team

I was born with ADHD. As I grew up, I was having a hard time concentrating and paying attention in school. My mom started taking me to see Dr. Morenings for help. He has been adjusting me for many years. With medication and chiropractic care I can stay focused and calm. He even keeps my body functioning so I can continue my gymnastics. I was afraid to see a chiropractor because I thought he would break my bones. Now I come in for adjustments all the time. 

Anna F. 

Back in July I picked up a 2-gallon jug to water my plants. This is something I have done all the time, but on this day, something happened in my back. I had pain almost immediately. I tried to treat this at home, but nothing was helping. I went to Urgent care, and they gave me two injections and medication. I continued to get worse, so a few days later I went to the ER. They gave me two more injections and pain medication. Nothing was helping. I remembered my husband went to see Dr. Morenings years ago and so I thought I would go see him. 


After having an exam and x-rays Dr. Morenings adjusted me. It took a couple of weeks before I noticed progress. I was able to sleep in my bed, walk better, bend over and take care of my house. Dr. Morenings have been true to his word about getting me better. He was the only doctor to help me without medication and injections. Chiropractic has help more than anyone knows! 

Dianna Moore

I have been experiencing back pain and stiffness since I was a teenager. I was under the care of a chiropractor at that time.  In my early 30s I had injuries that required back surgery. It provided immediate relief from severe pain, but nerve damage remains. I was having a hard time doing simple tasks like lifting, sitting, standing or walking for long periods of time. About 5 years ago my father said I should go see Dr. Morenings. 
After an exam and x-rays I started seeing Dr. Morenings at least once a month. Adjustments keep me moving. Without them I wouldn’t get much done during the day nor sleep well at night. In fact, I wouldn’t have much of a life without chiropractic. I also had Dr. Morenings scan my feet and I wear orthotics in my shoes. They really help my back pain too. This past year during my yearly exam, Dr. Morenings compared my x-rays from a year ago and he said my back is healthier now than it was a year ago. 

Tanya R.

For many years I have been suffering from back pain and stiffness. This pain restricted me from exercising, at work and from enjoying my family. It hurt to breath and eat.  I would even sweat the pain was so bad.  I would take medication, but it would only give me temporary relief. Out of desperation I looked online and found Dr. Morenings, made an appointment and came in. 
Thank God I did! Dr. Morenings talked with me, took x-rays and found my problem. After my first adjustment I noticed progress. My pain has gone from a 10 to a 1. I can now fulfill my job duties consistently. I enjoy life with my family, playing basketball with my son and I even started working out again. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to vacation this year. I have not needed any medication since coming here.  I thought chiropractic was dangerous but now I would tell anyone with similar issues to seek out chiropractic care with Dr. Morenings.

Brandon Porter

I can play with my son again..............

Several years ago I started having pain in my middle to lower back. This pain affected everything I did. I could not do anything without being in pain. It even bothered me in my sleep. I tried to treat it myself with heat, soaking in a hot tub of water, ice and medication. Nothing I tried fixed my problem. My co-worker Barry told me to come and see Dr. Morenings and see if he could help me.

I came in for my first adjustment and I noticed my pain was GONE! I couldn’t believe it. I no longer need to take any medication. I am able to do things that I haven’t been able to do for years. It has given me my life back!

Thank you Dr. Morenings,

Billy Hutchins

5-Star Chiropractic.png

Sciatica and neck pain

After the birth of my first child, I developed issues with my sciatica and knees. I continued to struggle with this pain during my second pregnancy. The pain from my sciatica made it difficult to walk and climb stairs.  After having my second child, who grew to 20lbs in 6 months, I ended up with a pinched nerve in my neck. The pinched nerve in my neck caused so much pain I could only turn my head about an inch in either direction.


For relief, I tried medication and physical therapy but the results were minimal and short lived. My aunt works for Dr. Morenings and she said I should come in and see if chiropractic care would help me. After my first adjustment I felt immediate relief and have had continual improvement. I no longer have chronic issues with my sciatica and only need maintenance adjustments. I am in a 3-month program for my neck and have been experiencing wonderful results. I am able to maintain a healthy and active life with my beautiful children.


Do I have any complaints? No, I do not. It is always a blessing to come in and see Dr. Morenings and his wonderful staff. Also, I was never hesitant about chiropractic care but I can say it has exceeded my expectations.  

Stephanie Ward

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Sleeping on a Board for Back Pain

Several years ago, I started having back and leg pain. It hurt so bad I had a hard time standing and sitting. To help me deal with this pain I started taking medication, but it only dulled the pain. I also started sleeping on a board, that gave me some relief. It got to the point I could not take care of my house very well and going out was hard. A friend of mine told me to come and see Dr. Morenings. I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor, but I thought I would give this treatment a try.

After the second adjustment, I started feeling better! My back feels stronger so much so that I am able to walk and stand longer than before. I can do my housework and I’ve even started exercising again. I’ve also decreased the medication I was taking.  Not bad for an 89-year-old! I am happy to say chiropractic has improved my quality of life. I can go out more and I feel healthier than I did a year ago. Dr. Morenings is a wonderful person!

Thank You,

Anne Geiger

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Lower Back Pain

I have come to Dr. Morenings for help with lower back pain on three occasions and once with a hip pointer problem (accident while riding a horse). He has helped me each time to regain full mobility. Thankfully, this time by following his exercises faithfully and other instructions, I feel better with absolutely no pain. Ice packs and the recommended exercises have helped tremendously when I have worked too hard. I had to learn the hard way that chiropractic care is wonderful but unless we follow the directions the doctor gives us, problems can return quickly. I must say I believe Dr. Morenings is not only professional at his practice but is one of the most caring people I have ever gone to for help. The staff he has working for him is excellent. Thanks Dr. Morenings, you have been a blessing to me and my family members both physically and spiritually.

God Bless you,

William Uhl, Jr. 

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Pain and Stiffness in Thighs

About a year ago I started having pain and stiffness in my upper thighs. As time went on I found it getting more painful to move. I took some inflammation pills and they helped some, but my mobility was not improving. My nephew told me to come and see Dr. Morenings for some help. Dr Morenings listened to my problem and took the time to explain everything. I found everyone in the office very caring.

After one month I noticed my mobility had greatly improved and I was not as stiff.  Chiropractic care has greatly improved my quality of life. I feel I am healthier now than a year ago. At first I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor, but now I realize it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Thank you Dr. Morenings and staff for all your help!

Barbara Kaylor

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Shoulder Pain

Back in 2012 I was having shoulder pain. My shoulder hurt so bad it was affecting my sleep. I would walk the floors at night because I was in so much pain. I went to Med1 for help and they gave me pain medication. I took a few but did not like the way they made me feel. I felt groggy and tired. I decided to go to Urgent Care to see if they could help me. They too gave me medication saying that it would not make me feel funny, but it did. I was eating Ibuprofen just to get through the day. My daughter told me her husband comes to see Dr. Mornings, maybe he could help me too.

I was hesitant to come and see a chiropractor because I thought he was going to break my neck when he adjusted it, but after 2 weeks of adjustments I started to get relief. I was able to stop taking medication and sleep at night. I now come in once a month to maintain my adjustments and to keep myself pain free.

Barbara Pickle

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Back Pain from Lifting

About 6 months ago I was lifting boxes and hurt my back. It hurt all day and I was having trouble walking and getting out of my chair. I had gone to a chiropractor in the past and my co-worker told me to come and see Dr. Morenings.

After about 3 weeks or so I noticed progress. I am now able to function with a little pain, but I don’t notice it most of the time. I feel I am healthier now than I was a year ago.  Life is wonderful again and I am so thankful.

Brenda Price

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Hip injury

In 2014 I injured my hip when I picked up my mother in law from a fall. I was in a lot of pain. I could hardly walk. I could only sleep an hour or two at night. I could not go to the grocery store or do my housework. I had to have my son do all that for me. I would take Advil but it only dulled the discomfort for an hour or two.  I have been a patient of Dr. Morenings since 1998 and I knew I needed to come and see him for help.

I came in to see Dr. Morenings and it took about 4 to 5 months before I noticed any progress. I was able to stop taking the medication, sleep and do my housework. It took about 8 months to be completely well. If it was not for Dr. Morenings I do not know how I would have dealt with my injury. I want everyone to know what a wonderful, caring and concerned person he is. I have complete faith in him.

Cassy Ingle

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Shooting Pain 

The last week of May I injured my back with pain shooting down my right leg. At that time I was in so much pain that I could not stand, sit or drive. To get around I was crawling on the floor. I was unable to work or do anything but stay home. I had someone take me to the emergency room where they gave me medication and an injection. What a big mistake, it did not help at all!

A friend told me to come see Dr. Morenings for this problem. I was hesitant to see a Chiropractor, but I wanted relief from this pain, so I went. Within 3 weeks I was pain free! I was able to stop taking medication, return to work and do the things I enjoy doing to make my life complete again. In fact my life is better now than it was a year ago!

Thanks so much!

Eddie Booher

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Improvement from a Stroke

About four years ago I had a stroke that affected my left side. I could hardly walk and my back was very stiff and tight. I was not able to do very much. I took care of my basic needs but was having a hard time taking care of my home and family. I had over a year of rehab and it helped some.

Within two to three weeks of seeing Dr. Morenings I noticed an improvement in my range of motion. My daughter said I was walking much straighter. Since starting Chiropractic care I have reduced my medications from seven different pills to four different pills daily.

When asked if Chiropractic care improved my quality of life I said “Yes, I love it. I am healthier now than a year ago.”

Eva Sullivan

5-Star Chiropractic.png

My family Doctor Told me to Come

I was hesitant but at the recommendation from my primary care physician, I came to see Dr. Morenings in April of 2014. I had been having lower back problems for a long time. It made walking and performing daily tasks difficult, plus I was limited in my physical activities such as hiking. I had tried physical therapy and over the counter medication for relief, but they did nothing to relieve my problem.


After the first week of care, I noticed a difference. With the adjustments and the ice therapy, I regained my confidence. I am happy to say I am healthier now than a year ago and chiropractic care has improved my quality of life.  I shall always cherish the encouragement I got from Dr. Morenings. Without his unique and sincere style of care, I would still be stumbling in the dark accepting pain.

With my light shining bright, I say thank you,

A Friend

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Neck and Lower Back Pain

In the spring of 2014, I started having head and neck pain and lower back pain. I was unable to think clearly or sleep. I did not want to leave my house. I went to my doctor and he gave me medication and sent me to physical therapy. They gave me some relief, but I still did not want to do anything.


In the fall of 2014, I came to see Dr. Morenings. He took x-rays and told me he could help me. Within 2 weeks most of my pain was relieved and my headaches were gone! I finally wanted to be more social and do things outside the home. I was able to eliminate the medication my doctor put me on. I’m so happy to say my quality of life has improved and I am healthier now than a year ago.

Thank you Dr. Morenings!

Freda Penley

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Leg, Back and Shoulder Pain

Five years ago I started having seizures that made me depressed and have anxiety. I went to my doctor and he put me on different medications to try and help me.  I was having pain in my leg, back and shoulder from the seizures and my wife told me to come and see Dr. Morenings.


From my first visit I felt Dr. Morenings was listening to me and really cared for my situation. He took x-rays, did an exam and prayed for me. He took the time to explain to me how out of alignment my body was and he thought he could help me. I am happy to say after about a month I noticed an improvement. I am healthier now than a year ago.  My pain is less, I have a more positive outlook on life and they are taking me off of some of my medications. 

A Grateful Patient

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Hip and Thigh Pain

In September of 2015 I was on a hunting trip when I started feeling pain in my right hip and along the back of my thigh. The pain was sharp and it hurt to walk. I got home and thought a few days of rest would take care of the problem, but it did not. The pain prevented me from hunting, golfing and doing the activities I wanted to do. I couldn’t even take care of my yard like I needed to.

A few months ago my sister-in-law was having back pain and she came to see Dr. Morenings for help. I saw her improve and decided to come and see him myself. Within the first week of adjustments, I noticed an improvement. I am now doing the activities I like to do without pain.


At first I was hesitant to come and see a Chiropractor but now I have confidence in Dr. Morenings therapy and appreciate his Christian approach “Only God does the healing”. Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life.


Thank you Lord and thank you Dr. Morenings,

Gene Clevenger  

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Back Pain and Migraines

About 12 years ago I twisted my back while moving. I started taking medication to deal with the pain but it gave me little relief. Then about a year ago I started having migraine headaches. I would have them almost every day. Both of these issues made it hard for me to do my job. I have to do a lot of bending and lifting and with the birth of my daughter, picking her up was very painful.

I ended up coming to see Dr. Morenings through a referral from my OBGYN. I was hesitant to see a chiropractor but knew I had to do something. After my first adjustment I stopped having headaches and about a month later my back pain was gone. I was able to stop using medication to get through the day. I could do my job and pick up my daughter without any pain. My quality of life has improved so much! As I said before I was hesitant about chiropractic care but now I am a believer!

Heather Pless

5-Star Chiropractic.png

Skeptic Turned Believer

My problem started in September 2014. I was having a lot of lower back pain on the left side. The pain was constant and very hard to manage. I was taking 500 mg of Naproxen and muscle relaxers just to sleep. It affected my daily life in every way. It hurt to stand, sit, lift or do just about anything. It was hard to get through the day. The medication was just masking the pain, it never really went away.

For several months my sister kept telling me to come see Dr. Morenings about my back pain. One day she called me to tell me they were having a new patient appreciation day and that she made me an appointment. I told her I would go, but in the back of my mind I was very skeptical and thought I’d go this once just to make her happy.

After my first few adjustments, I noticed an improvement. The pain is almost completely gone and my flexibility is much better. I feel great! I do not need to take any medication now and my quality of life is so much better.

I’m a believer!

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