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Chiropractor in Bristol, VA

Dr. Imanuel Morenings

Chiropractor in Bristol, VA

My Father Was A Chiropractor

From early on, I knew that I wanted to be a doctor. My father was a chiropractor and I saw his many patients get their lives back as he cared for them and helped them on their road to health.


I was active in sports during high school and college and injured my neck and lower back on several occasions. My father made subtle corrections through chiropractic spinal adjustments and I was amazed at how quickly I recovered. Soon I was able to return to high levels of activity without the aid of drugs or surgery. As I considered my options for a career in health care, my choices were either using medication and/or surgery to treat injuries and illnesses or to care for patients as a chiropractor by removing nerve interference so that the body could utilize its God-given ability to heal.


I chose Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, which is the oldest and largest chiropractic college in the world. My father graduated from Palmer and I knew that it was the best choice for my education. Although the class work was very difficult and challenging, I loved learning about the incredible structure and function of the human body. It is fascinating how the nervous system controls each organ and tissue as it communicates with the brain to get the right response and allows the body to function with flawless organization. As I intensely studied the effects of interference or damage to this amazing system and the dis-ease that can result, I grew to understand that from the first moments after conception through the advanced years of life, the body is capable of healing itself so that we can negotiate life with health and vitality.


I was intrigued by the prospect of helping patients resolve infirmities, remove interference, and regain a part of their lives that was lost or impaired without removing body parts or putting toxic or foreign substances into their bodies.


Living a Chiropractic Life

I have to practice what I preach when it comes to chiropractic care. I get adjusted at least two times per month and sometimes more if my activities get too demanding. I have learned that diet and exercise are essential to maintaining health and that adhering to a predominately vegetarian diet is the best choice to keep this aging body functioning at its best.


My wife Cyndi and I share five children and four grandchildren. Isaac and Damian, our youngest children, are still living at home. They are seven years apart in age and I am amazed and often amused at how unique they are.   Isaac is a professional firefighter and Paramedic and loves serving the community.  Damian loves working out and excels academically as a high schooler.  



Outside the Office

Cyndi and I enjoy serving our local church community, traveling when our busy schedules permit, enjoying our grandchildren, and listening to live world-class bluegrass music. Bristol is known worldwide as the birthplace of country music and there is no shortage of accomplished musicians or venues.

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