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Specific Corrective Care Chiropractic is not for everyone. With limited availability, our doctors have very specific requirements in order to be accepted as a patient in our office. What this means to you is you're going to want to Schedule Your Free Consultation to see if you qualify!  

Corrective Care Chiropractic is for You if:

  • You are hopeful and in search of a your long-term solution

  • You’re sick and tired of having to rely on your medications

  • You value your quality of life and your relationships

  • Your desire is to fix your problem - not simply get temporary relief

Corrective Care Chiropractic is NOT for those:

  • In search of the next quick fix

  • Who are okay with masking the pain of their symptoms with medications

  • Looking for a random injection or surgery to magically “fix” them

  • Planning to continue to repeat the three mistakes listed above

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Understanding Chiropractic

Understanding Chiropractic

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Dr. Imanuel Morenings

My Father Was A Chiropractor

From early on, I knew that I wanted to be a doctor. My father was a chiropractor and I saw his many patients get their lives back as he cared for them and helped them on their road to health.


I was active in sports during high school and college and injured my neck and lower back on several occasions. My father made subtle corrections through chiropractic spinal adjustments and I was amazed at how quickly I recovered. Soon I was able to return to high levels of activity without the aid of drugs or surgery. As I considered my options for a career in health care, my choices were either using medication and/or surgery to treat injuries and illnesses or to care for patients as a chiropractor by removing nerve interference so that the body could utilize its God-given ability to heal.

5-Star Chiropractic.png

My family Doctor Told me to Come

I was hesitant but at the recommendation from my primary care physician, I came to see Dr. Morenings in April of 2014. I had been having lower back problems for a long time. It made walking and performing daily tasks difficult, plus I was limited in my physical activities such as hiking. I had tried physical therapy and over the counter medication for relief, but they did nothing to relieve my problem.


After the first week of care, I noticed a difference. With the adjustments and the ice therapy, I regained my confidence. I am happy to say I am healthier now than a year ago and chiropractic care has improved my quality of life.  I shall always cherish the encouragement I got from Dr. Morenings. Without his unique and sincere style of care, I would still be stumbling in the dark accepting pain.

With my light shining bright, I say thank you,

A Friend

5-Star Chiropractic.png

Neck and Lower Back Pain

In the spring of 2014, I started having head and neck pain and lower back pain. I was unable to think clearly or sleep. I did not want to leave my house. I went to my doctor and he gave me medication and sent me to physical therapy. They gave me some relief, but I still did not want to do anything.


In the fall of 2014, I came to see Dr. Morenings. He took x-rays and told me he could help me. Within 2 weeks most of my pain was relieved and my headaches were gone! I finally wanted to be more social and do things outside the home. I was able to eliminate the medication my doctor put me on. I’m so happy to say my quality of life has improved and I am healthier now than a year ago.

Thank you Dr. Morenings!

Freda Penley

5-Star Chiropractic.png

Leg, Back and Shoulder Pain

Five years ago I started having seizures that made me depressed and have anxiety. I went to my doctor and he put me on different medications to try and help me.  I was having pain in my leg, back and shoulder from the seizures and my wife told me to come and see Dr. Morenings.


From my first visit I felt Dr. Morenings was listening to me and really cared for my situation. He took x-rays, did an exam and prayed for me. He took the time to explain to me how out of alignment my body was and he thought he could help me. I am happy to say after about a month I noticed an improvement. I am healthier now than a year ago.  My pain is less, I have a more positive outlook on life and they are taking me off of some of my medications. 

A Grateful Patient

5-Star Chiropractic.png

Improvement from a Stroke

About four years ago I had a stroke that affected my left side. I could hardly walk and my back was very stiff and tight. I was not able to do very much. I took care of my basic needs but was having a hard time taking care of my home and family. I had over a year of rehab and it helped some.

Within two to three weeks of seeing Dr. Morenings I noticed an improvement in my range of motion. My daughter said I was walking much straighter. Since starting Chiropractic care I have reduced my medications from seven different pills to four different pills daily.

When asked if Chiropractic care improved my quality of life I said “Yes, I love it. I am healthier now than a year ago.”

Eva Sullivan

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